Newfoundland Historical Society
Heritage Awards

The Newfoundland Historical Society Heritage Fellowship Award was instituted in 1976, when Paul O'Neill, in his annual President's Report, stated that it was to be presented to the person or persons who, in the judgement of the Council has contributed significantly to the preservation and/or dissemination of the written record of the history of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Nominations may be made by any member of the Society. The winner is chosen by the Executive and Council from the nominees. It is hoped in this way to sometimes honour contributions to the written history of Newfoundland by persons who otherwise might be ignored.

The first recipient was the Society's own Office Secretary, and staunch supporter, collector, preserver and disseminator of Newfoundland history, Bobbie Robertson. It has been awarded annually, with a few exceptions, since then, and in recent years to multiple recipients.

1975-76 Bobbie Robertson 1995-96 Encyclopedia
1976-77 Agnes O'Dea of Newfoundland
1977-78 Joseph R. Smallwood & Labrador
1978-79 Ted Drover Gordon Handcock
1979-80 Ronald Seary 1996-97 Paul Johnson
1980-81 Frederick W. Rowe Marguerite Linthorne
1981-82 Louise Whiteway 1997-98 Gilbert Higgins
1982-83 George Story Janet Story
1983-84 Doris Saunders Raymond W. Guy
1984-85 Paul O'Neill 1998-99 Ena Farrell Edwards
Michael Harrington 1999-00 William J. Kirwin
1985-86 Harry Cuff 2000-01 Alley O'Brien
1986-87 no recipient 2001-03 no recipient
1987-88 Burnham Gill 2003-04 James Tuck
1988-89 Hal Andrews Roland Abbott
1989-90 Ed Coady Baccalieu Trail Heritage Society
1990-91 Leslie Harris 2005-06 Gordon Bradley
1991-93 no recipient 2007-08 William F. Coaker Heritage Foundation
1993-94 Otto Tucker 2009-10 no recipient
1994-95 Naboth Winsor
Peter Neary
2010-11 James K. Hiller