Past Lectures


31 Jan

 ‘A Calamity from which No Relief Can be Expected’:
Civilian Responses to the French Occupation of Newfoundland, June-September 1762

Mark Humphries
28 Feb

City Seen: Artists' Views of St. John's 1785-2010

Patricia Grattan
28 Mar “Patchwork Patient”: Among the Deep Sea Fishers – Promoting the Grenfell Mission, 1903-1981. Heidi
25 Apr

Annual General Meeting and George Storey Lecture: Natanael Illiniartitsijok – Inuk Composer

Tom Gordon
26 Sep "Thrift and the Good Child Citizen: The Junior Thrift Clubs
in Confederation-Era Newfoundland"
Karen Stanbridge
31 Oct "Ructions in Heart's Content: Dispute Resolution in a Newfoundland Outport" Ted Rowe
28 Nov The Gilbert Higgins Lecture: A Mesmerizing Miscellany of Marvelous and Majestic Mummers: The Marketing of a Newfoundland Christmas Tradition.

    This illustrated presentation explores the ways in which commodification of nostalgia has become the focus of some sectors of the market place.
The marketing of tradition is by no means a new phenomenon and it has been far more extensive than we perhaps realize.  This underestimation possibly stems from the fact that, while we perceive today that marketing is facilitated through some form of corporate broker or entrepreneur, in reality this is not always the case.  Instead performers have often taken on this role themselves.  Similarly, at the grass roots level local artists and crafts people seeing performances of traditions such, as mummers, have turn those experiences into marketable wares.
Paul Smith


Jan 26 Newfoundland Modern: Architecture in the Smallwood Years, 1949-1972. Robert Mellin
Feb 23 Gilbert Higgins Lecture for 2011-2012:  Mirror Islands: The Colonial Histories of Tasmania and Newfoundland. Fiona Polack
Mar 29 The Trial of Catherine Snow. NHS Panel
Apr 26 George M Story and the Study of Newfoundland at Memorial
(AGM and  George Story lecture).
Jeff Webb
Oct 25

Gilbert Higgins Lecture for 2012-2013: Trinity’s John Clinch (1748/9-1819): Missionary, Medical Man, Magistrate and Much More.
Click player below to hear the lecture. Audio only available.

Jim Connor
Nov 29 The Rise and Fall of the 20th Century Whaling Industry in Newfoundland and Labrador Anthony Dickinson



Jan 27 Cancelled (Weather)  
Feb 24 Born on the Wrong Side of the Water: Newfoundland Nativism in the Nineteenth Century. Carolyn Lambert
Mar 31 George Story Lecture: 'Newfoundland's Material Culture and the Rise of Heritage'. Gerald Pocius
Apr 28 AGM and Lecture: From Uapamekushtu to Tshakashkue matshiteuieau: Place Names, History and the Labrador Innu. Peter Armitage
Sep 29 A Reflection of Ourselves: Nationalistic Theatre in Newfoundland, 1965-1983 Mekaela Mahoney
Oct 13 Some Day the Sun Will Shine: Oil and the End of Newfoundland History Jerry Bannister
Oct 27 ‘The History of Salmon Conservation in Newfoundland’. Don Hustins
Nov 24 Cancelled (Weather)



Jan 28 The MacDermotts of Fortune Bay: Their Three Missions, 1904-1934 Garfield Fizzard
Feb 25 The Response of the FPU to the Sealing Disasters of 1914 – an Illustrated presentation Jessie Chisholm
Mar 25 The Grandchildren of Fogo: The Ripples of the Fogo Island Films of 1968 Susan Newhook
Apr 29 Tracing our Linguistic Roots: Mapping Regional Diversity in Newfoundland and Labrador English [George Story Lecture] Sandra Clarke
16 Jun "Bristol, Cabot and the New Found Land: 1496-1500."  Dr. Evan Jones University of Bristol
Oct 28 Buried Treasure: Newfoundland’s Pre-Confederation Mining History as Captured in Postage Stamps, Picture Postcards, Stock Certificates and Other Ephemera Bruce Ryan
Nov 25 Braving the Flag [Higgins Lecture] Christopher Pratt



Feb 26 The First Gilbert Higgins Lecture: British Imperial Identity and the Newfoundland Irish Threat, 1740 - 1800 Allan Dwyer
Mar 26 "Smallwood, Pearson, and the Power Corridor Through Quebec." James Feehan
Apr 30 AGM and Story Lecture: Concise History Panel Several Speakers
Sep 24 Pre-Confederation Women Writers and Mythologies of Empir Heather O’Brien
Oct 29 Lee Wulff, Stanley Truman Brooks and the Newfoundland Tourist Development Board, 1925 to 1946 Allan Byrne
Nov 26 A.P. Low’s 1893-94 Expedition Through Labrador: A Tale of Iron and Irony [Gilbert Higgins Lecture] Derek Wilton



Sept 25 Oscar Lieber’s trips to Labrador and observations of the 1860 eclipse Derek Wilton
Oct 30 An Environment of Cooperation and Conflict: The Military Presence in Newfoundland and Labrador from the Cold War to the War on Terror Whitney Lackenbauer
Nov 27 The Voice of Newfoundland - a history of the Broadcasting Corporation of Newfoundland (book launch) Jeff Webb



Sept 27 "Nutakuanan – the parable of Herman J. Koehler and his 1931 disappearance". Peter Armitage



Jan 29 "Hesketh Prichard in Labrador" Larry Coady
Feb 26 "Rule of the Admirals: Law, Custom and the Naval Government, 1699-1832" Jerry Bannister