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  • Photo by S.H. Parsons, from the Canadian Press National Archives of Canada (1926)

  • Two Inuit kayakers in Unity Bay, photographed by Christian Schmitt, circa 1901.

  • Labrador Women at Work (Fred Sears photograph, The Rooms)

  • Newfoundland Hotel Demolition

  • Judge Daniel Woolfrey and Family

  • F.P.U. Members Elected to House of Assemblt 1919 The Rooms

  • Labrador Elders with Missionary

  • Volunteer Nurses at King George V Seamen's Institute

Founded in 1905, the Newfoundland & Labrador Historical Society is the oldest non-profit, independent heritage organization in the province.

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All regular lectures are at the Marine Institute at Ridge Road, at 7:30pm.
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Willeen Keough

Masculinities on Ice at the Labrador Front

Wileen Keough

The Newfoundland seal hunt was a site of intense controversy in the second half of the 20th century, and tensions between animal-rights activists and sealing communities received extensive coverage in political forums and the international media. The conflict revealed two very different interpretations of masculinity: the seal saviour/sea shepherd versus the skilled hunter/family provider/local hero…. Read More

Latonia Harvey

The Bartlett Lecture: Newfoundland as Part of the North

Dr. Latonia Hartery

Dr. Hartery discusses Newfoundland as a gateway to the Arctic, as well as the critical role it played in Arctic exploration during the 1900s. The lecture also tackles the question: could the island be considered the southernmost extension of the North? Dr. Hartery illustrates her points using the adventures of Captain Robert Abram Bartlett, her… Read More

Linden MacIntyre

Communal Narrative as History

Linden MacIntyre

Much of the standard Canadian record provides too few voices of people in the front lines of daily, ordinary survival, whereas much of the NL historical record/consciousness is embedded in the story-telling tradition. Linden will speak about what he found in Newfoundland while working on his latest project – a wealth of material from eye-witnesses,… Read More

Larry Dohey

Larry Dohey 1959 – 2019

The Newfoundland and Labrador Historical Society is deeply saddened to hear of Larry Dohey’s sudden passing. Larry was Past President of the Society and contributed to the preservation of NL history and heritage in immeasurable ways. He was knowledgeable, charismatic, and passionate about NL history and heritage, and he was a connector — connecting people… Read More

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