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  • Cabot Hotel, Grand Falls 195- The Rooms A 103-131

  • The Rooms C 3-40; Scene of the Harbor [Harbour] Grace tragedy, St. Stephens Day

  • Women on a fish flake, Salvage The Rooms E 36-52 ca. 1900

  • Harp Seal, 1909 The Rooms Provincial Archives, VA 17-73

  • MUN 08.02.007 Burin. School, Church and Rectory Burin, post-1886

  • Inside the pulp and paper mill, Grand Falls, Newfoundland 18 Aug. 1918; The Rooms A51-142

  • A 9-180; Petty Harbour, Cape Spear, Newfoundland Church of England Sept. 1886

  • Hudson Bay Company's Station, Rigoulette, Hamilton Inlet, Labrador 1886 The Rooms A-1-89

  • Shanawdithit's Drawings MUN CNS

  • The Rooms VA 15a-56-6; Water Street East, St. Johns

  • Forteau and Grenfell Hospital 1914 The RoomsA108-45

  • The Rooms A 44-109; Mrs. Garfield Banks supervising the end of the bottling line, Browning Harvey Plant, Corner Brook 1956

Founded in 1905, the Newfoundland & Labrador Historical Society is the oldest non-profit, independent heritage organization in the province.

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All regular lectures at the Marine Institute at Ridge Road are suspended due to COVID-19. We are working to provide online lectures for the 2020-21 season, the first of which can be viewed below. Please check back for updates.
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Books for Sale

The Newfoundland and Labrador Historical Society has made a selection from its holdings of books that are being offered for sale to the public. A list of these books can be found under the “Books for Sale “ tab which is located under our Publications Page on the Society’s website.

Ordinary Saints

“Immortal, Invisible”: Finding Evidence of Spirituality and Faithfulness in the History of Lived Religion

Bonnie Morgan

Please join us online  as historian Bonnie Morgan presents an illustrated lecture about her motivations for writing Ordinary Saints: Women, Work, and Faith in Newfoundland (McGill-Queen’s, 2019) and explores how the use of diverse research methods can help the historian understand patterns and expressions of religious belief. Ordinary Saints won the 2020 Canadian Historical Association’s… Read More

Past “Aspects” – New Article

A new addition has been made to the Past “Aspects” page,  which contains our “Aspects” articles from past issues of the Newfoundland Quarterly and is located under our Publications Page. This new posting, by Mark Trainor, examines the protest against the extermination of dogs in St. John’s in the years 1814-1815.