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  • Grenfell JP Court of assize on Strathcona The Rooms A 110-65

  • Womens Patriotic Association of Newfoundland (WPA) Executive Committee in the Sitting Room at Government House 1916 The Rooms A 51-109

  • Splendid Memorial Grand Falls, Replica Cenotaph, July 1922 The Rooms VA 157-103

  • Grand Falls Sulphur Tower & Digester Building 1909, The Rooms B 1-178.

  • Frew & Tessier Album, DAI (12)

  • Windsor town fire aftermath 1944 The Rooms B 6-97

  • Frew & Tessier Album, DAI (14).

  • Frew & Tessier Album, DAI (9)

  • Catalina-Women at fish flakes, community and church in background.The Rooms A4-4

  • Newfoundland servicemen at Christmas dinner hosted by Governor Sir Walter Davidson The Rooms B 3-95

Founded in 1905, the Newfoundland & Labrador Historical Society is the oldest non-profit, independent heritage organization in the province.

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All regular lectures at the Marine Institute at Ridge Road are suspended due to COVID-19. We are working to provide online lectures for the 2020-21 season, the first of which can be viewed below. Please check back for updates.
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Reconciliation and Residential Schools in Labrador

Andrea Procter, PhD

Inuit in Labrador have described the pain and intergenerational trauma that their families and communities endured from attending boarding schools in Nain, Makkovik, North West River, Cartwright, and Mary’s Harbour, and the orphanage in St. Anthony. Established and run by the Moravian Mission or the International Grenfell Association between 1906 and 1980, these institutions attempted… Read More


Edward Moxon Roberts, Historian, CM, ONL, QC

The Newfoundland and Labrador Historical Society has lost a generous patron, a compelling lecturer, a disciplined historian, a patient researcher, a wise advisor, a determined and creative advocate, an avid reader, and an attentive and engaged audience member at events of NL history. The NL Historical Society has always enjoyed the support of the sitting… Read More

Against All Odds (November 2021) 4 (003)

Gilbert Higgins Lecture – AGAINST ALL ODDS: The Surprising Success Story of the Newfoundland & Labrador Labour Movement (Online Lecture)

Bill Gillespie

Award-winning journalist and author, Bill Gillespie, presents the extraordinary story of how rank and file Newfoundland and Labrador labour union members turned the colony, the nation, and the province into the most highly organized union jurisdiction in North America. The cast of characters is made up of ordinary men and women who struggled to improve… Read More

Past “Aspects” – New Article

A new addition has been made to the Past “Aspects” page,  which contains our “Aspects” articles from past issues of the Newfoundland Quarterly and is located under our Publications Page. This new posting, by Robyn S. Lacy, deals with the difficulties and challenges involved in locating the burial grounds at the Colony of Avalon. (… Read More

Maritime History ArchivePF 306.728


Jessica Steffler

During the Second World War, the American military and government wanted to project a morally upstanding public image. They considered this essential to build and maintain public support on the home front and uphold their supposedly superior moral standards to much of the world, particularly in those countries and territories where the US military was… Read More