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2009 Lectures

The First Gilbert Higgins Lecture: British Imperial Identity and the Newfoundland Irish Threat, 1740–1800

Allan Dwyer
Feb. 26, 2009

Smallwood, Pearson, and the Power Corridor Through Quebec

James Feehan
Mar. 26, 2009

AGM and George Story Lecture: Concise History Panel

Several Speakers
Apr. 30, 2009

Pre-Confederation Women Writers and Mythologies of Empire

Heather O’Brien
Sep. 24, 2009

Lee Wulff, Stanley Truman Brooks and the Newfoundland Tourist Development Board, 1925 to 1946

Allan Byrne
Oct. 29, 2009

Gilbert Higgins Lecture: A.P. Low’s 1893-94 Expedition Through Labrador: A Tale of Iron and Irony

Derek Wilton
Nov. 26, 2009