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2010 Lectures

The MacDermotts of Fortune Bay: Their Three Missions, 1904-1934

Garfield Fizzard
Jan. 28, 2010

The Response of the FPU to the Sealing Disasters of 1914 – an Illustrated presentation

Jessie Chisholm
Feb. 25, 2010

The Grandchildren of Fogo: The Ripples of the Fogo Island Films of 1968

Susan Newhook
Mar. 25, 2010

George Story Lecture: Tracing our Linguistic Roots: Mapping Regional Diversity in Newfoundland and Labrador English

Sandra Clarke
Apr. 29, 2010

Bristol, Cabot and the New Found Land: 1496-1500

Dr. Evan Jones University of Bristol
Jun. 16, 2010

Buried Treasure: Newfoundland’s Pre-Confederation Mining History as Captured in Postage Stamps, Picture Postcards, Stock Certificates and Other Ephemera

Bruce Ryan
Oct. 28, 2010

Gilbert Higgins Lecture: Braving the Flag

Christopher Pratt
Nov. 25, 2010

PDF of notes from this lecture.