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Author: matthew

Before Beaumont Hamel, there was Gallipoli

Keynote Address by Prof. Kahraman Şakul, Istanbul Şehir University

A symposium on the Gallipoli campaign from Newfoundland and Turkish perspectives Bruneau Centre for Innovation and Science, Innovation Hall (IIC-2001) St. John’s Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland. See full program.

Lives Lived: Person and Place in Newfoundland Biographical Writing

Jeff Webb, Vicki Hallett, and Patrick Mannion

A panel in partnership with the Dictionary of Canadian Biography The Panelists: Jeff Webb (Department of History) “Rethinking the Individual: Biographies of Collaborative Circles” and Vicki Hallett (Department of Gender Studies) “Life Narrative, People, and Place: Why I Didn’t Write a Biography of a Newfoundland Poet.” Patrick Mannion, chair. In partnership with the Dictionary of… Read More

2015 George Story Lecture: The Pirate Who Never Was? Eric Cobham and Invention in History

Olaf Janzen

Those who ventured into the Newfoundland fishery and trade during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were confronted by many risks – hazards of navigation, uncertain conditions in the fishery, unpredictable markets. The frequent wars of the period could bring attacks on shipping and shore stations by hostile warships and privateers, while piracy could become a… Read More