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George Story Lecture and AGM

Shane O’Dea

George Story

Shane O’Dea will talk about the George Story he knew and about George’s central role in the development of the Newfoundland preservation movement. The lecture will reach from the first glimmerings of concern for our built heritage up through the trials and triumphs of the sixties and seventies into the present. The Newfoundland and Labrador Historical Society (NHS) George Story Lecture is in honour of George Morley Story (1927-1994), past president of the Society and winner of the NHS’s Heritage Award for 1982-1983. Dr. Story joined Memorial University’s Department of English Language and Literature in 1954, where he established an international reputation as a lexicographer and Renaissance scholar, and pioneered the study of Newfoundland history, culture, language and literature. Dr. Story was very active in the public promotion and preservation of Newfoundland’s cultural and historical heritage.