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James Vey: photographic journalist/artist

Suzanne Sexty

Robert Edwards Holloway (1850-1904), Simeon Henry Parsons (1844-1908), and James Vey (1852?-1922) were all photographing life in Newfoundland at the turn of the last century. Much has been written about Holloway and Parsons, but Vey’s story is not as well known. Vey was very much a “journalistic photographer,” a man of the streets; and, his work reflects a Newfoundland which existed from the 1890s to the 1920s. The talk will look at the work and life of a man whose photographs appeared in the Illustrated London News, McClure’s Magazine, Scientific American, and Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, as well as in George Allan England’s Vikings of the Ice.

Pictures from the lecture.

Listen to Suzanne Sexty’s lecture: