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“Newfoundland and Labrador Women Creating Place Through Story” (Online Lecture)

Dr. Vicki S. Hallett

Miller & Saunders003

We make place through the stories we tell about it.  We create our sense of who we are, but also our sense of where we are and where we belong by telling tales. Join the NLHS as Dr. Vicki Hallett discusses two fascinating women who have made important contributions to the story of this place, Newfoundland poet and postmistress, Phebe Florence Miller who lived from 1889-1969, and was considered the “poetess laureate of Newfoundland” by many and Labrador storyteller and story collector Doris Saunders, who lived from 1941-2006 and was the founding editor of Them Days magazine.

Watch the lecture at: NL Women Creating Place Through Story – YouTube