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Kicking Against the Pricks – The Words and Wisdom of Newfoundland’s Ray Guy

Ron Crocker

Ron Crocker’s lecture will focus on Ray Guy, the Newfoundland journalist and satirist with whom he worked at the Evening Telegram in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This lecture will survey Guy’s early and formative influences as a writer, his legendary career as columnist at the Evening Telegram, and his famed satirical send-ups of… Read More

George Story Lecture and AGM – On Gerry Squires

Stan Dragland

Bio Stan Dragland is originally from Alberta and now lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland. He is Professor Emeritus, Department of English, Western University. He has taught creative writing at the Banff Centre and at Los Parronales, Chile. He was founder of Brick magazine and Brick Books, and is still active with the latter. Between 1994… Read More

The Impossible Dream

Rick Cooper

A lecture about how and why the Janeway Hospital, St. John’s was opened in 1966. The opening of a Child Health Centre in the Old Pepperrell Hospital in 1966 against enormous opposition from the medical community was a remarkable story. Listen to Rick Cooper’s lecture:

Observing the Outports, the foundation of our understanding of Newfoundland society in an era of modernization

Jeff Webb

In Dr Webb’s lecture he will draw upon his recent book Observing the Outports: Describing Newfoundland Society and Culture. Parallel to the cultural revival that occurred in the 25 years after confederation, there was a Newfoundland Studies Movement at the university. Anthropologists, folklorists, historians and others developed active research in an effort to document Newfoundland… Read More

Fathoming the Depths for the First Trans-Atlantic Cables

Charles H. Stirling

Abstract: In the 1850s when the first transatlantic telegraph cable was envisioned very little was known about the deep ocean and its seabed. However, hydrographic information was considered essential to determine the practicality of the project. This presentation will discuss the hydrographic surveys completed for the transatlantic cable project, the hydrographers who did them, how… Read More

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