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2010 Lectures

The MacDermotts of Fortune Bay: Their Three Missions, 1904-1934 Garfield Fizzard Jan. 28, 2010 The Response of the FPU to the Sealing Disasters of 1914 – an Illustrated presentation Jessie Chisholm Feb. 25, 2010 The Grandchildren of Fogo: The Ripples of the Fogo Island Films of 1968 Susan Newhook Mar. 25, 2010 George Story Lecture:… Read More

2009 Lectures

The First Gilbert Higgins Lecture: British Imperial Identity and the Newfoundland Irish Threat, 1740–1800 Allan Dwyer Feb. 26, 2009 Smallwood, Pearson, and the Power Corridor Through Quebec James Feehan Mar. 26, 2009 AGM and George Story Lecture: Concise History Panel Several Speakers Apr. 30, 2009 Pre-Confederation Women Writers and Mythologies of Empire Heather O’Brien Sep…. Read More

2008 Lectures

Nursery of Seamen: Naval Impressment and the British Newfoundland Fishery, 1699-1815 Keith Mercer Feb. 28, 2008 A New Schooner for the Captain from Newfoundland Raoul Andersen Mar. 27, 2008 George Story Lecture and AGM Neil Rosenberg Apr. 24, 2008 Oscar Lieber’s trips to Labrador and observations of the 1860 eclipse Derek Wilton Sep. 25, 2008… Read More

2007 Lectures

Isolation and Degeneracy: Rethinking the study of Newfoundland Methodism Calvin Hollett Mar. 22, 2007 Nutakuanan – the parable of Herman J. Koehler and his 1931 disappearance Peter Armitage 8:00 pm, Sep. 27, 2007 Hampton Hall, Marine Institute, Ridge Road, St. John’s, Newfoundland To the extent that anyone knows anything about Herman J. Koehler, it is… Read More

2004 Lectures

Hesketh Prichard in Labrador Larry Coady Jan. 29, 2004 Rule of the Admirals: Law, Custom and the Naval Government, 1699-1832 Jerry Bannister Feb. 26, 2004

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