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James Vey: photographic journalist/artist

Suzanne Sexty

Robert Edwards Holloway (1850-1904), Simeon Henry Parsons (1844-1908), and James Vey (1852?-1922) were all photographing life in Newfoundland at the turn of the last century. Much has been written about Holloway and Parsons, but Vey’s story is not as well known. Vey was very much a “journalistic photographer,” a man of the streets; and, his… Read More

Habitants, Soldiers, Sailors, and Servants: The History and Archaeology of the French in Placentia Bay, 1662-1714

Amanda Crompton

The French establishment of a colony in Newfoundland would fundamentally alter the nature of the French presence on the island. Prior to the colony’s founding, the French presence in Newfoundland had been a seasonal one only, in which the French fishers who had come to the island’s shores stayed for the summertime only. Any overwintering… Read More

2013 Lectures

‘A Calamity from which No Relief Can be Expected’: Civilian Responses to the French Occupation of Newfoundland, June-September 1762 Mark Humphries Jan. 31, 2013 City Seen: Artists’ Views of St. John’s 1785-2010 Patricia Grattan Feb. 28, 2013 “Patchwork Patient”: Among the Deep Sea Fishers – Promoting the Grenfell Mission, 1903-1981 Heidi Coombs-Thorne Mar. 28, 2013… Read More

2012 Lectures

Newfoundland Modern: Architecture in the Smallwood Years, 1949-1972 Robert Mellin Jan. 26, 2012 Gilbert Higgins Lecture for 2011-2012: Mirror Islands: The Colonial Histories of Tasmania and Newfoundland Fiona Polack Feb. 23, 2012 The Trial of Catherine Snow NHS Panel Mar. 29, 2012 George Story Lecture and AGM: George M Story and the Study of Newfoundland… Read More

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