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Remembering: Newfoundland, World War One, and Beaumont Hamel

Remembering: Newfoundland, World War One, and Beaumont Hamel

The symposium is free and attendees will not be registered.

Thursday, October 19th Evening

Location: The Rooms
07:30 Welcome and opening remarks
8:00-8:35 Shane O´Dea, Memorial University World War One in Newfoundland History and Culture
08:35-9:10 Pierre Purseigle, UniversitÉ de Toulouse Mobilization, Sacrifice and Citizenship in France, 1914-1918 delivered by the Consul General of France in Atlantic Canada , Olivier Nicolas
09:10-9:30 Questions
09:30 Reception Offered by the French Consul

Friday, October 20th Afternoon Session on Researching WWI

Location: Memorial University, Education Building Room 3034A
2:00-4:00 Sources for Researching and Teaching Newfoundland History
The Centre for Newfoundland Studies, Joan Ritcey
Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador, Greg Walsh
The Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Website, Jim Hiller and Vince Walsh

Friday Evening Session Location: INCO Centre, Memorial University

07:30 Welcome
07:45-8:20 William Philpott, King´s College London Great Britain and the Battle of the Somme: New Perspectives
8:20-8:55 Mark Hunter, Memorial University The Newfoundland Regiment and the Naval Reserves in Newfoundland History
08:55-9:15 Questions
09:30 Reception offered by the Office of the British High Commissioner

Saturday, October 21st Location INCO Lecture Hall, Memorial University

Morning Session

9:00-09:15 Welcome by Terry Bishop Stirling, President of the Newfoundland Historical Society
9:15-9:40 Anthony McAllister, Regimental Historian The Newfoundland Regiment to Beaumont Hamel
9:40-10:05 Jessie Chisholm, Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador Gestures of Commemoration: Public History and Private Memory
10:05-10:20 Questions
10:20-10:50 Nutrition Break
11:50-11:15 Mary Philpott, Independent Researcher, Newfoundland Battalion at Gallipoli: Precursors of Heroic Failures on July 1, 1916 Battle of the Somme
11:15-11:40 Senator William Rompkey, Francis Cluett: Newfoundland VAD
11:40-11:55 Questions
12:00-2:00 Lunch

Afternoon Session

2:00-2:35 Jay Winter, Yale University ‘The Great War and the memory boom of the twentieth century and beyond’
02:35-3:00 Gary Brown, Independent Researcher/Writer Newfoundland’s National Memorial: Thomas Nangle’s Involvement
03:00-3:15 Questions
03:15-3:30 Short break
03:30-3:55 Hélène Robichaud, Veterans Affairs Canada Restoring Our First World War Memorials in Europe: An Act of Remembrance
03:55-4:20 Arlène King, Director Beaumont Hamel Newfoundland MemorialImagination is Everywhere: the Mixing of the Reality Within the Tourism of World War One
4:20- 4:35 Questions and Closing Remarks


07:00 Dinner at The Bungalow – after dinner entertainment by Newfoundland folksinger, Anita Best, and Belgian author and singer, Bruno Brel