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Confederation: Deciding Newfoundland’s Future, 1934 to 1949

Confederation: Deciding Newfoundland's Future, 1934 to 1949

James K. Hiller

Newfoundland Historical Society, St. John's, NL.
1998, reprinted with minor corrections 1999
75 pages: bib, illus, map

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ISBN: 0-9680803-2-4

Dr. Hiller is a well known Newfoundland historian and professor at Memorial University, and a past president of the Newfoundland Historical Society. This book is a concise and well balanced narrative of the events leading to Newfoundland’s union with Canada in 1949, and has been well received by both academics and the general public. It is illustrated with photographs from the time, newspaper headlines and cartoons, and a map showing the distribution of the vote.

“I can hardly think of a better or more useful summary of the central facts and issues, nor of a more cogent presentation of the argument.”

— Dr. Leslie Harris, Historian, past president of Memorial University

“Memorial University history professor James Hiller has written an impressive account of the political campaign and intrigue which brought about Confederation…. Hiller summarizes the facts and issues with depth and in a clarity of style which will appeal to both the professional historian and the ordinary reader.”

— Bob Benson, The Telegram, St. John’s, May 10, 1999

The Newfoundland Historical Society gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of the Johnson Family Foundation and of NewTel Communications Inc. in the production of this book.