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The following books can be found in the library located in our office. To view any of these books, please contact the office.

Title Sub-Title Author Date
Documents on Relations Between Canada and Newfoundland Volume 1 1935 – 1949 Ed. Paul Bridle-Dept. of External Affairs 1974
Documents on Relations Between Canada and Newfoundland Volume 2 1940 – 1949 Part 1 Ed.Paul Bridle-Dept. of External Affairs 1984
Documents on Relations Between Canada and Newfoundland Volume 2 1940 – 1949 Part 2 Ed.Paul Bridle-Dept. of External Affairs 1984
Labrador Doctor, A The Autobiography of Wilfred Thomason Grenfell Wilfred Thomason Grenfell 1910
Bob Bartlett Master Mariner Fitzhugh Green 1929
Bob Bartlett Master Mariner Fitzhugh Green 1929
Newfoundland in 1900 Rev. M. Harvey 1900
Reportof the Royal Commission on the Economic State & Prospects of N&L 1967
Along the Labrador Coast Charles Wendell Townsend, M.D. 1907
Murres, The Their Distributions, Populations and Biology Leslie m> Tuck 1960
Voyage to Discovery A History of Newfoundland & Labrador 1800 to Present Malcolm MacLeod, RexBrown 2005
Independent Member A. P. Herbert 1950
History of Methodism inEastern  BritishAmerica D. W. Johnson
All This and Heaven Too Rachel Field 1938
Report & Documentation re Negotiations for the Union of Newfoundland with Canada Department of External Affairs 1956
French Shore Problem in Newfoundland, The An Imperial Study Frederic F. Thompson 1961
Newfoundland and Labrador The First Fifteen Years of Confederation Ed. R. I. McAllister
True Newfoundlanders Early Homes & Families of Newfoundland & Labrador Margaret MaBurney, Mary Byers 1997
Merchant Venturers of Bristol, The History of the Society of Merchant Venturers of the City of Bristol.. Patrick McGrath 1975
Newfoundland in 1911 P. T. McGrath 1911
Records Relating to the Society of Merchant Adventurers of the City of Bristol Ed. Patrick McGrath 1952
More Fighting Newfoundlanders A History of Newfoundland’s FightingForces in 2nd WW Colonel G. W. L. Nicholson, C.D. 1969
Encyclopedia of Canada, The Vols. 2-6 Ed. W. Stewart Wallace, M.A. 1948
Encyclopedia of Canada Newfoundland Supplement Ed. W. Stewart Wallace, M.A. 1949
Bibliography of Newfoundland Vols. 1-2 Comp. Agnes C. O’Dea, Ed. Anne Alexander 1986
Newfoundland National Convention, The 1946-1948 Vol. 1 Debates, Papers and Reports Ed. James K. Hiller, Michael F. Harrington 1995
Newfoundland National Convention, The 1946-1948 Vol. 2 Reports and Papers Ed. James K. Hiller, Michael F. Harrington 1995
Canada A Story of Challenge J. M. S. Careless 1953
Newfoundland Island into Province John Chadwick 1967
Discovery of Canada, The Lawrence J. Burpee 1948
Report of the Royal Commission on Education and Youth Vols. 1-2 1967 & 1968
Checkmate in the North The Axis Planned to Invade America William Guy Carr 1945
Fisherman’s Handbook Nfld. Department of Fisheries 1978
Once Upon a Mine Story of Pre-Confederation mines on the Island of Nfld. Wendy Martin 1983
Poole and World War II Derek Beamish, Harold Bennett,John Hillier 1980
Canada A Modern History J. Bartlett Brebner 1960
Newfoundland Fishermen in the Ageof Industry A Sociology of Economic Dualism Ottar Brox 1972
Labrador William B. Cabot 1920
My Life and Times 1890 – 1919 Major Peter Cashin 1976
Who’s Who in Canada 1962-63 Ed. B. M. Greene, G. W. Stratton
Who’s Who in Canada 1964-65 Ed. Hugh Fraser, Herbet E. Barnett
Canadian Who’s Who, The  Vol. IV 1948
Canadian Who’s Who, The  Vol VI 1952-1954
Mines & Mineral Resources of Newfoundland A. K. Snelgrove 1938
Mines & Mineral Resources of Newfoundland A. K Snelgrove, Revised & Rewritten by D.M. Baird 1953
Report of Royal Commission on Truck Transportation 1962
Report of Royal Commission on Leasing of Premises for NLC 1972
Royal Commission on Natural Resources, Trade & Legislation Minutes of Evidence taken in Newfoundland in 1914 1915
Factors in Economic Development A. K. Cairncross 1962
Lomond The Life and Death ofa Newfoundland Woods Town James E. Candow 1998
Of Men and Seals The History of the Newfoundland Seal Hunt James E. Candow 1989
Arms, Flags and Floral Emblems of Canada, The Department of Secretary of State 1967
Incredible Canadian, The A Candid Portrait of Mackenzie King Bruce Hutchison 1952
Through Their Eyes Reflections on Labrador PANL 1998
R.C.A.F Overseas, The The Fifth Year 1945
Canada in Flanders Sir Max Aitken, M.P. 1915
Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation, The R.A. Skelton, Thomas E. Marston, George D. Painter 1965
Sails of the Maritimes John P. Parker, M.B.E. 1965 & 1961
Study of Strategies and implications re.. Outport Fishing Communities Cato Wadel 1969
Francophones of Newfoundland abd Labrador, The A Study of…Needs of the Francophone Population Dr. Eric Waddell 1975
Newfoundland Quarterly, The 75th Anniversary Edition Ed. Harry A. Cuff, Cyril F. Poole 1976
Saint John’s Volunteer Rangers 1805-1814, The David A. Webber
Oldest City, The The Story of St. John’s, Newfoundland Paul O’Neill 1975
Seaport Legacy, A The Story of St. John’s, Newfoundland Paul O’Neill 1976
Quest of the Schooner Argus, The A Voyage to the Banks and Greenland Alan Villiers 1951
Atlantic Bridgehead The Story of Transatlantic Communications Howard Clayton 1968
Century of Conflict Struggle Between the French & British in Colonial America Joseph Lister Rutledge 1956
Down on the French Shore In the 1940’s Aubrey Malcolm Tizzard 1982
Newfoundland: The Road to Confederation Wilfrid Eggleston 1974
Year Book and Almanac of Newfoundland, 1887, 1904, 1905, 1916, 1924-1931
Newfoundland Almanack, 1862
Place Names of the Avalon Peninsula of the Island of Newfoundland E. R. Seary 1971
Century of Methodism in Twillingate @ Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland, A 1831 – 1931 Ed. Rev. W. Edgar Mercer 1932
Liberty Collection, The U.S.Bill of Rights, Constitution, Gettysburg Address 1978
Dominion of Newfoundland & Labrador Some Information about the Resources of the Colony Pub. Office of the High Commissioner for NFLD.
Duvall Immigrant Story of One Family’s Journey to Americain the early 1900’s Ralph S. Taylor 1977
I Chose Canada The Memoirs of the Honourable Joseph R. “Joey”Smallwood Joseph R. Smallwood 1973
History of the Bank FisherySymposium Newfoundland Historical Society 1999
Newfoundland History 1986 Proceedings of the !st Newfoundland Historical Society Conference Compiled by Shannon Ryan 1986
Alluring Labrador Labrador Today with the Past in Hand Pub. Them Days Magazine 1975
Public Affairs in Newfoundland R. B. Ewbank, C.S.I., C.I.E. 1938
Sails Over Ice Captain “Bob” Bartlett 1934
John Job’s Family Story of His Ancestors and Successors and their Business Connections 1730-1953 Robert Brown Job 1953
Newfoundland Constabulary, The Arthur Fox 1971
R.C.A.F. Overseas, The The Sixth Year 1949
Out Without My Rubbers The Memoirs of John Murray Anderson Hugh Abercrombie Anderson 1954
Burlington Town Book, The 1694 – 1785 Ed, Henry H. Bisbee & Rebecca Bisbee Colesar 1975
Burlington Story, The A Chronology of Events Henry H. Bisbee 1952
Geography of Newfoundland William F. Summers & Mary E. Summers 1965
Cambridge History of the British Empire, The           Volume VI Ed. J. Holland Rose, A.P. Newton,W.P.M. Kennedy 1930
Tercentenary History of Canada                           Vols. 1-3 From Champlain to Laurier MDCVIII-MCMVIIII Frank Basil Tracy 1908
Mariner of the North The Life of Captain Bob Bartlett George Palmer Putman 1947
First Five Hundred, The Richard Cramm
Newfoundland Industrial Development Board, The And its Work 1942-1949 Ed. A. M. Fraser
William Gilbert Gosling A Tribute A. N. G. 1935
Labrador Its Discovery, Exploration and Development W. G. Gosling 1910
History of Newfoundland From the English, Colonial and Foreign Records D. W. Prowse 1896
History of Newfoundland From the English, Colonial and Foreign Records D. W. Prowse 1971
Romance of the newfoundland Caribou, The An Intimate Account of the Life of the Reindeer of North America A. A. Radclyffe Dugmore 1953
Book of Newfoundland, The          Vols. 1-6 Ed. J. R. Smallwood 1937, 1967, 1975
Labrador The Country and the People Wilfred T. Grenfell and Others 1909
Newfoundland Holiday J. Harry Smith 1952
Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador          Vols. 1-5 Ed. Joseph R. Smallwood and Cyril F. Poole 1981,1988, 1991, 1993,1994
Trails and Tramps in Alaska and Newfoundland William s. Thomas 1913
Newfoundland A Summary of the History and Development of Britain’s Oldest Colony R. H. Tait 1939
Labrador A Sketch of Its Peoples,ItsIndustriesand its Natural History Wilfrid Alden Stearns 1884
Histoire Militaire de Plaisance Une Etude sur le Fortifications Francaises Jean-Pierre Proulx 1979
Schooling in a Fishing Society Education and Economic Conditions in NL 1836-1936 Phillip McCann 1994
Report on the Foreign Trade & Commerce of Newfoundland 1905-1906 Wm. MacGregor 1907
Newfoundland Forest Fire History 1619-1960 W. C. Wilton and C. H. Evans 1974
Reports on Selected Buildings in St. John’s, Newfoundland Roger Bill, Alison Earle and Jane Lewis 1974
Housing Problems of the Physically Disabled in St. John’s Marilyn A. Howell, Penelope M. Rowe, Donald A. Hanlon 1976
Home Support Services in St. John’s William J. Duggan, Penelope M. Rowe, Barbara M. Doran 1979
Annual Safety Convention 16th, 17th, and 18th Extension Services, MUN 1972, 1973,1974
Peat Resources of Newfoundland Frederick Pollett 1968
Survey of Marine Inshore Resources of Bonavista Bay and Belle Bay B. M. Fowler & G. L. Fletcher 1975
Resources of the Sea Conference Vols. 1 & 2 Fish and Oil Extension Services, MUN 1973
Newfoundland Year Book and Business Directory Pub. Guardian Limited 1954
Newfoundland Year Book and Business Directory Pub. Guardian Limited 1955
Building a House in New France Peter N. Moogk 1977
Arma and the Newfoundlnder Poetry of the Great War Ed. Elizabeth Russel Miller 1994
Economic Outlook for Province of Newfoundland Boni, Watkins. Jason & Co. Inc. 1969
Report on Royal Commission on Dominion-Provincial Relations Bks. 1-3 1940
Industrial Survey of the Resources of the Province of Newfoundland Donald, Ross & Company 1949
History of St. John’s and Signal Hill Jean-Pierre Proulx 1978
Story of Newfoundland, The 1497-1959 Ed. A. B. Perlin
Carpe Diem: Temous Fugit Vols. 1-2 A Student Summer Project 1977 Stephenville Library Board
Elections Act, 1913 with Amendment, 1925 King’s Printer
Regulations under the Defence Act, 1939 King’s Printer 1942
History of St. Mary’s Bay 1597 – 1949 Michael McCarthy 1971
William Heap and His Company 1866 John Millar 1976
Irish in Newfoundland, The 1623 – 1800 Michael J. McCarthy 1982
Newfoundland An Introduction to Canada’s New Province Department of External Affairs 1950
Models of Newfoundland and Labrador Buildings The Newfoundland Historic Trust 1999
Local History How to Gather it, Write it and Publish it Donald Dean Parker 1944
Newfoundland Studies Special Confederation Anniversary Issue 1998
Signal Hill A Community Study of St. John’s, Newfoundland Ken Marland 1993
Legend of Marguerite, The George Martin 1995
St. Peter’s Anglicam Church Twillingate One Hundred and Twenty-five Year History Edith M. Manuel 1983
Power Begins at the Cod End The Newfoundland Trawlermen’s Strike, 1974-75 David Macdonald 1980
No Right of Spring Wallace Bursey 1982
Newfoundland Journeys Addison Bown 1971
Pictorial History of Newfoundland School Architecture Fred Buffett 1985
History of Corpus Christi Parish Northern Bay Edward-Vincent Chafe 1995
Solomon Gosse’s Birthday Songs, Poems and Recioes from Torbay and Neighbouring Towns Comp. Lara Maynard 1998


Title Sub-Title Author