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Books for Sale

Alphabetical List of NLHS library books For Sale


Annual Safety Convention 16th, 17th, and 18th conventions. Memorial University. Extension Services. 1972, 1973, 1974. $5.00/set of 3 years



Bisbee, Henry H. Burlington Story: A Chronology of Events.     1952. $90


Brebner, J. Bartlett. Canada: A Modern History.     1960. $10.00


Burpee, Lawrence J. The Discovery of Canada.  1948. $15.00


Burlington Town Book. 1694–1785. /Edited by Henry H. Bisbee & Rebecca Bisbee Colesar. 1975.   $35.00


Bursey, Wallace. No Right of Spring.    1982. $10.00 poems



Canada. Dept. of External Affairs. Report and Documentation…Union of Newfoundland. 1956. $10.00


Candow, James E. Of Men and Seals: The History of the Newfoundland Seal Hunt.      1989. $25.00


Carpe Diem: Tempus Fugit Vols. 1-2 A Student Summer Project 1977. Stephenville Library Board. $15.00 2 volumes


Cashin, Peter, Major. My Life and Times 1890 – 1919.     1976. $35.00


Chadwick, John.  Newfoundland: Island into Province . 1967. $10.00/5.00

2 copies, 1 hardcover, 1 softcover


Clayton, Howard. Atlantic Bridgehead: The Story of Transatlantic Communications. 1968. $15.00



Earle, G.H. Come home to old Newfy. $10.00 sheet music


Economic Outlook for Province of Newfoundland. Boni, Watkins. Jason & Co. Inc. 1969. $10.00


Eggleston, Wilfrid.    Newfoundland: The Road to Confederation. 1974. 5.00 2 Copies


Encyclopedia of Canada. Vols. 2-6, Plus Newfoundland Supplement. /Edited by W. Stewart Wallace. 1948. 1949. $10.00 for the 6 volumes


English, L.E.F. Historic Newfoundland. $2.00 1960s tourist booklet



Field, Rachel. All This and Heaven Too. 1938  $5.00. Fiction; early edition of an American bestseller


Fowler, B.M. & G.L. Fletcher. Survey of Marine Inshore Resources of Bonavista Bay and Belle Bay    1975. $10.00





Great Britain. In the Privy Council. Vol.IV. Joint Appendix. Nos. 704-860 $55.00. Document from the 1920s Labrador Boundary case



Herbert, A.P. Independent Member. 1950. $10.00



Liberty Collection: U.S. Bill of Rights, Constitution, Gettysburg Address. 1978. $2.00




MacDonald, David. Power Begins at the Cod End: The Newfoundland Trawlermen’s Strike, 1974-75.    1980. $20.00





Manuel, Edith M. St. Peter’s Anglican Church Twillingate One Hundred and Twenty-five-Year History.  1983. $20.00


Martin, George. Legend of Marguerite. 1995. $10.00


Miller, Elizabeth Russell. Arms and the Newfoundlander: Poetry of the Great War.      1994. $10.00   2 Copies


Moogk, Peter N. Building a House in New France.  1977. $15.00



Newfoundland. Elections Act, 1913 with Amendment, 1925. King’s Printer. $2.00


Newfoundland. Regulations under the Defence Act, 1939.   King’s Printer   1942. $25.00


Newfoundland. Report of the Royal Commission on… Economic State & Prospects of N&L      1967. $35.00


Newfoundland. Report of the Royal Commission on Leasing of Premises for Newfoundland Liquor Commission. 1972. $25.00  A famous, much-anticipated report in its time


Newfoundland. Report of Royal Commission on Truck Transportation. Arthur Johnson, Chair. 1962. $10.00.


Newfoundland and Labrador. The First Fifteen Years of Confederation. /Edited by R. I. McAllister. $20.00


Newfoundland Quarterly: 75th Anniversary Edition. /Edited by Harry A. Cuff, Cyril F. Poole”      1976. $5.00       2 Copies



Parker, Donald Dean. Local History : How to Gather it, Write it and Publish it.      1944. $2.00 Discusses doing research in the U.S.


Parker, John P. Sails of the Maritimes. 1961 and 1965. $45.00

2 copies, 1 for sale


Parsons, R.A. Contemplations. $2.00 poems

Parsons, R.A. Curtain Call. $2.00 poems

Parsons, R.A. Legend of the Isle. $2.00 poems

Parsons, R.A. Tale of a lonesome house. $2.00 poems


Pollett, Frederick. Peat Resources of Newfoundland. 1968.  $15.00 2 Copies


Proulx, Jean-Pierre. Histoire Militaire de Plaisance: Une Etude sur le Fortifications Francaises. 1979. $15.00



Reports on Selected Buildings in St. John’s, Newfoundland / by Roger Bill, Alison Earle and Jane Lewis.  1974. $10.00 Includes several church buildings recently for sale


Resources of the Sea Conference: Vols. 1 & 2  Fish and Oil. Memorial University. Extension Services.    1973. $15.00


Rutledge, Joseph Lister. Century of Conflict: Struggle Between the French & British in Colonial America.  1956   $15.00



Skelton, R.A.  Thomas E. Marston, George D. Painter. The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation.   1965. $30.00


Smith, J. Harry. Newfoundland Holiday. 1952.  $10.00


Snelgrove, A.K. Mines and Mineral Resources of Newfoundland. /Revised & rewritten by D.M. Baird. 1953. $10.00



Taylor, Ralph S. Duvall Immigrant Story of One Family’s Journey to America in the early 1900’s.    1977. $5.00


Thomas, William S. Trails and Tramps in Alaska and Newfoundland 1913.      $40.00


Tracy, Frank Basil. Tercentenary History of Canada.    Vols. 1-3     From Champlain to Laurier MDCVIII-MCMVIIII. 1908.      $100.00 3 volume set Inscription by Author


Tuck, Leslie M. Murres: Their Distributions, Populations and Biology. 1960. $60.00



Villiers, Alan. Quest of the Schooner Argus: A Voyage to the Banks and Greenland. 1951. $15.00



Waddell, Eric. The Francophones of Newfoundland and Labrador: A Study of Needs of the Francophone Population. 1975. $15.00      2 Copies


Wadel, Cato. Study of Strategies and implications … Outport Fishing           Communities. 1969. $10.00


Waiser, Bill. Portraits of an era: The aerial photography of Howdy McPhail. $30.00 aerial photography of B.C. & Ont.