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The Mysterious Lambert de Boilieu

Robin McGrath

Recollections of Labrador Life

Recollection of Labrador Life was first published in England in 1861 by Lambert de Boilieu, then reprinted with editing and notes by Thomas F. Bredin in by Ryerson Press in 1969. The work has been widely accepted as a memoir of life at Battle Harbour in the 1850s, and is frequently cited in popular and academic articles.

However, research about the book and its author clearly indicated that no such person as de Boilieu existed by that name, and many of the events described could not have happened in the 1850s, if at all.

Using various documents including court records, this lecture makes a tentative identification of the true author of the book and attempts to clarify his motivations for presenting fiction as fact.  

Watch the Lecture at:  The Mysterious Lambert de Boilieu